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Plow United – Narcolepsy

Format: Album
Year: 1998
Label: If You Make It / Square Of Opposition Records
Location: Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Similar Artists: Samiam, Face To Face, Bracket
Official Website

1. West Chester Nuclear Winter
2. 85 E. Cleveland
3. A Beautiful Love Song
4. Last Call
5. Freedom Or Security
6. Walking
7. Goodnight Sellout!
8. Is Wrestling Fixed?
9. (Jesus Hates A) Backslider
10. Collapse
11. Warning, Don’t Eat The Cake
12. Island of No Return
13. Attn, Asshole RE: Records
14. Room Too
15. Anywhere But Here
16. Someday We’ll Look Back And Laugh
17. The Narrow Sparrow


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