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Awesome Name-Your-Price Albums

I-Defy – Discography

Format: Album Year: 1998-2003 Label: self-released Location: Marine City, Michigan, USA Similar Artists: Snapcase, Strife, Cancer Bats

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POA – Discography

Format: Discography Year: 1994-1998 Label: Crack Rock Records Location: Bangor, Maine, USA Similar Artists: USA Waste, A Global Threat, NOFX

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Jud Jud – No Tolerance For Instruments

Format: EP Year: 1998 Label: Victory Records Location: Tampa, Florida, USA Similar Artists: Assück, Mouthpiece, “Weird Al” Yankovic

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Biblical Proof Of UFOs – Biblical Proof Of UFOs

Format: Album Year: 1998 Label: SuperFi Records Location: Los Angeles, California, USA Similar Artists: Tool, Karma To Burn, Earthless

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Darryl Shepard – Solo Acoustic

Format: Demos Year: 1998-1999 Label: self-released Location: Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Hank Williams

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Roadsaw – ’98 Demos

Format: Demo Year: 1998 Label: self-released Location: Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula

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The Spastic Craptastics – The Molecular Tragedy Of Ghosts

Format: Live EP Year: 1998 Label: Earwhacked LTD Location: Lewiston, Maine, USA Similar Artists: Ween, Shackled Reality, Thought Christ Had Yams

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