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Awesome Name-Your-Price Albums

Rosetta – Sower Of Wind

Format: Album Year: 2019 Label: self-released Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Similar Artists: Mogwai, Pelican, This Will Destroy You

January 7, 2019 · Leave a comment

Ice Dragon – Mors Ontologica

Format: Single Year: 2018 Label: Playing Records Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Roadsaw

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Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley – Electric Blanket / House Of Eternal Return

Format: EP Year: 2018 Label: 11 Records Location: USA Similar Artists: Evelyn Evelyn, Dresden Dolls, Devotchka

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Explosive Murder Adicts – Explosive Murder Adicts

Format: Album Year: 2014 Label: self-released Location: Buckley, Washington, USA Similar Artists: Kill The Man Who Questions, Negative Approach, Sick Of It All

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Self Defense Family – Working People (Part 1)

Format: EP Year: 2018 Label: self-released Location: New York, USA Similar Artists: End Of A Year, Lungfish, Chamberlain

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Snaex – The Word

Format: Album Year: 2018 Label: self-released Location: Portland, Maine, USA Similar Artists: Cerberus Shoal, Fire On Fire, Big Blood

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Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean – I Carry My Awareness Of Defeat Like A Banner Of Victory

Format: EP Year: 2018 Label: self-released Location: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: Eyehategod, Thou, Unearthly Trance

December 18, 2018 · Leave a comment