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The Broosevelts – French Kiss

The Broosevelts - French Kiss

Format: EP
Year: 2008
Label: The Karma Kids
Location: Hempstead, New York, USA
Similar Artists: Rancid, Sister Kisser, Avail
Official Website

1. Nick P Drives Through Hempstead 03:39
2. The Wolf Shirt of Bands 01:42
3. ICU81MI 01:23
4. Dos Avocados 05:09
5. If We’re Such a Bad Band Why Is Everyone Dancing? 03:10
6. Tim Your Zoli Teglas Impression Sounds Like Hank Hill 02:45
7. The Broosevelts Writing Songs About the Hold Steady Writing Songs About Dillinger Four 02:45
8. None Less Black 02:50


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