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Milo Turns 50: Songs Of The Descendents


Format: Album
Year: 2013
Label: Filter Magazine
Location: California, USA
Similar Artists: All, Adolescents, Dag Nasty
Official Website

1. FIDLAR (featuring Brian Rodriguez) “Suburban Home”
2. Mike Watt + The Secondmissingmen “Kabuki Girl”
3. The Henry Clay People “Clean Sheets”
4. The Bronx “Catalina”
5. Edsel “Good Good Things”
6. Good Riddance “Sour Grapes”
7. Tijuana Panthers “Can’t Go Back”
8. Milo Greene “Parents”
9. TEEN “Ride the Wild”
10. Bobby Birdman “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”
11. Thrillionaire “Myage”
12. Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses “Hope”
13. YACHT “All”


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