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Stealing Orchestra – The Incredible Shrinking Band

Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: You Are Not Stealing Records
Location: Porto, Portugal
Similar Artists: Secret Chiefs 3, Battles, Aphex Twin
Official Website

01 Just Like Oskar, We’ll Never Grow Up
02 Que Dêus Te Dê o Dobro de Tudo o Que nos Desejares
03 Enjoy The Fever, Kid
04 Time Travelling Waltz
05 Tetris (Beware Boy, Videogames Are Evil)
06 May All Of Us Live As Long As The Pope
07 The Nanotech-Virus
08 Sorry Captain, but… shouldn’t we be thinking about cosmic hazzards,instead of destroing our space-ship and killing the crew?
09 Anniversary Song (Les Jeaux Interdits Scenario)
10 Os Caretos de Podence
11 El Torero Corneado En El Culo
12 Closing Time
13 The Darkside of a Transvesti
14 A Piela
15 The Living Dead Whistling Quartet
16 The Killer Rat
17 We Wish You Love
18 Happy Ending Theme


One comment on “Stealing Orchestra – The Incredible Shrinking Band

  1. Transvestism
    October 4, 2014

    Group therapy involves breaking through the denial so commonly
    found in people with paraphilias by surrounding them with other patients who share
    their illness. Freud first associated sadism with a tendency to combine sexuality
    and aggression and later suggested that children became sadistic after witnessing a primal scene of intercourse between their parents, which they interpreted
    as an act of domination. See the master of cool speak- Andy Warhol,
    talk and say nothing.

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