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Stealing Orchestra – Stereogamy

Format: Album
Year: 2000
Label: You Are Not Stealing Records
Location: Porto, Portugal
Similar Artists: Secret Chiefs 3, Battles, Aphex Twin
Official Website

01 No (- Have you seen God – Who? – That rich bloke that had the world built)
02 Le Cirque
03 The Right Ordering Show
04 Oye Como Va
05 Kung Fu Trunx girl
06 Autumn Flying Leaves
07 Mujer
08 Star wars and Twilight Zone themes
09 Bugsy is a Punk Rocker
10 Arca de Noé – Noah’s Ark
11 The two faces of Dean Martian
12 Stereogamy
13 What’s that?
14 The Knight From the Spectrum Game
15 T.V. Guide
16 Summer of ’42
17 O Neurónio que estourou – The Neuron that blew up


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