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Music Experiments, Volume 1


Format: Sampler
Year: 2009
Label: Entertainment Experiment
Location: Maine, USA
Official Website

1. Ghosthunter “Albatross”
2. Pigboat “Ho Ho Whatever”
3. Man-Witch “Necro-Atomic-Abominomicon”
4. Confusatron “In The Shadow Of The Living Room”
5. Covered In Bees “Car On Fire With Guns”
6. Pigboat “Neckfinger”
7. Covered In Bees “Portland Is For Lovers”
8. Confusatron “Inspector Pecker”
9. The Suspicious Packages “Whore Of Party Beach”
10. Taming The Shrew “The Burning”
11. Spork “Ping Pong”
12. Leerless Feeder “Jazz Stain”
13. Confusatron “Fish And Meatball Bikini Team”


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