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The Reptilians – Welcome To Dugway Proving Ground / XappleXcoreX

Format: Albums
Year: 2007
Label: Spacnum Records
Location: Idaho, USA
Similar Artists: Tool, Isis, Mastodon
Official Website

reptilians - welcome to dugway

Welcome To Dugway Proving Ground:
1. Globalization
2. The New BoSoGa!
3. Propaganda Death Machine
4. Pimpmobile
5. A Purple Blade of Grass
6. Embellish The Dead
7. C.L.A.M.
8. The Wave of Freedom
9. Nighty Night
10. The Sun Never Rises in Dugway
11. Hey Cow…
12. Uphoria
13. Disfigured

reptilians - applecore

1. Intro
2. The Breakers
3. The Seltaeb (Live @ The Tin Shack)
4. The Blackest Sunshine
5. Apocalyptic Sunshine High (Live @ The Tin Shack)
6. The Celebration of Disintegration (Live improv @ The Tin Shack)
7. The Ten Strip


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