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Misled – Only The Deaf Are Safe

Misled - Only The Deaf Are Safe

Format: Album
Year: 2012
Label: Cashbone / We Did This Records
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Similar Artists: Strung Out, Rise Against, Death By Stereo
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1) Training for Gravy
2) Breakup Song
3) Cream of the Crap
4) Traditions Disease
5) Saddle
6) Gone are the Days
7) Hatemale
8) Wilson(g)
9) Critical Mass
10) Richard Cori
11) Linechecker
12) Domestic Violence
13) Join the Rank
14) Youth is Wasted on the Rich (acoustic)
15) United We Fall (acoustic)
16) Life Tragedy (acoustic)
17) Whitewash (acoustic)


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