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Raphaël D. Hardy – Wonderful Stories

Format: Album
Year: 2010
Label: self-released
Location: Upper Normandy, France
Similar Artists: Chopin, Bartois, Dustin O’Halloran
Official Website

1. Part 1: The Gigantic Pink Forest Full of Green Pine Cones 02:08
2. Part 2: The Fatty Orange-Eyed Rabbits are Trying to Amuse a One-Eyed Teddy Bear 02:58
3. Part 3: A Bearded Fairy Makes an Appearance in the Crowd of Rabbits and Turns Them into Chocolate Elephants 01:27
4. Part 4: The Irresistible Smell of Chocolate Came Up to Booboo’s Nostrils Which is the Greediest Two-Headed Dog of the Forest 00:40
5. Part 5: The Chocolate Pachyderms are Half-Eaten. Everyone is Whimpering 00:48
6. Part 6: Randy the Ogre is On His Way to Look for Facial Tissues in the Giant Pinkish Woods 02:20
7. The Remarkable Ascension of Philip the Pelican 03:31


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