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Jud Jud – The Demos

Format: EP Year: 1997 Label: No Idea Records Location: Tampa, Florida, USA Similar Artists: Assück, Mouthpiece, “Weird Al” Yankovic

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The Pants – Eat Crow

Format: Album Year: 1997 Label: Tarquin Records Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA Similar Artists: Modest Mouse, Toadies, Meat Puppets

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Abstract Psychology – The 4th Street EP

Format: EP Year: 1997 Label: Earwhacked LTD Location: Lewiston, Maine, USA Similar Artists: Taming The Shrew, Shackled Reality, Living Impaired

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Sinkhole – Retrospectacles

Format: Album Year: 1997 Label: Dr. Strange Records Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Jawbreaker Official Website 1 Anything And Everything 1:55 2 Fat … Continue reading

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Carnivorous Birds – Life Metal 1997-2003

Format: Album Year: 1997-2003 Label: pleonasm! Location: North Dakota, USA Similar Artists: Beck, Ween, The Magnetic Fields Official Website 1. VandJ 2. Heart Tattoo 3. Married At Sunset 4. Acid … Continue reading

January 23, 2011 · 1 Comment

Eucharist – Mirrorworlds

Format: Album Year: 1997 Label: WAR Music Location: Gothenburg, Sweden Similar Artists: In Flames, Arch Enemy, Soilwork Official Website 01. Mirrorworlds 02. Dissolving 03. With the Sun 04. The Eucharist … Continue reading

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