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Eucharist – A Velvet Creation

Format: Album Year: 1993 Label: Wrong Again Records Location: Gothenburg, Sweden Similar Artists: In Flames, Arch Enemy, Soilwork Official Website 1. Greeting immortality 2. The Religion of the Blood-red Velvet … Continue reading

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Seamen – Walletchains, Backpacks, Switchblades, and Pepperspray

Format: EP Year: 1993 Label: Bad Robots Records Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Similar Artists: Bad Religion, Offspring, Pennywise Official Website 1. Streak 2. The Cause of Leonard 3. Evil … Continue reading

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Sinkhole – Groping For Trout

Format: Album Year: 1993 Label: Ringing Ear Records Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Jawbreaker Official Website 1 . Leaner Days 2. Red Dog … Continue reading

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Amboog-A-Lard – A New Hope

Format: Album Year: 1993 Label: self-released Location: Coral Springs, Florida, USA Similar Artists: Exodus, Marilyn Manson, Ministry Official Website 01. Intro 02. Beyond Insanity 03. Medicine Man 04. A Matter … Continue reading

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Anacrusis – Screams and Whispers

Format: Album Year: 1993 Label: Metal Blade Records Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA Similar Artists: Rush, Celtic Frost, Voivod Official Website 01. Sound the Alarm 02. Sense of Will 03. … Continue reading

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