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Little Fury Things: Dinosaur Jr. Revisited

Format: Tribute Album Year: 2018 Label: The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil Similar Artists: My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Dinosaur Jr.

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The Plague Physicians – The Raven Mocker

Format: Album Year: 2018 Label: self-released Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Similar Artists: Trouble, Alice In Chains, Candlemass

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Deaf Horse – Out To Sea

Format: Album Year: 2011 Label: self-released Location: Bristol, UK Similar Artists: The White Stripes, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Vines

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Vinnum Sabbathi / Cegvera – The Good Earth Is Dying

Format: Split Album Year: 2018 Label: Stolen Body Records Location: Mexico / UK Similar Artists: Electric Wizard, Bongripper, Major Kong

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Center Of The Earth – Tolkion

Format: Album Year: 2018 Label: self-released Location: Tikøb, Denmark Similar Artists: Dopethrone, Bongzilla, Yob

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Birnam Wood – Wicked Worlds

Format: Album Year: 2018 Label: self-released Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Similar Artists: Black Sabbath, Sleep, The Sword

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Nazi Killer – Nazi Killer

Format: EP Year: 2018 Label: At War With False Noise / Gronk / Kids Of The Lughole / Nuclear Mind / SuerperFi / Samizdat Records Location: Leicester, UK Similar Artists: … Continue reading

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